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The best measure of cardiovascular fitness!

What are YOU capable of? The VO2 max endurance test measures your aerobic capacity using a metabolic cart. VO2 max is an assessment that's especially beneficial for serious and recreational athletes involved in endurance activities. Some examples of those activities are: cycling, rowing, running, triathlon, swimming, and cross-country skiing, among many others. Also, if you train based on Heart Rate zones (e.g., Orange Theory Fitness), assessing your maximum heart rate at your maximum oxygen capacity can scientifically guide your training.

Using a treadmill or cycle ergometer, the metabolic test is designed to push you to exhaustion in order to develop an accurate measure of your maximum rate of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. A highly skilled technician will monitor the assessment and provide you with a comprehensive report. Included in the report is also an indication of your risk for cardiovascular disease.

The VO2 max metabolic test is ideal for those who wish to track how they are improving on a training or fitness program. See the "Track Your Progress" package for how to save 20% on repeat assessments.

Note: The VO2 max endurance test requires a health screening form and informed consent form.