Smart Lab

SMART Lab at the Freedom Center

SMART Lab at the Freedom Center
George Mason University – Science and Technology Campus
Manassas, Virginia

The SMART Laboratory - Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center is a 2000 square- foot facility housed in the Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center on the Science and Technology Campus, an innovative joint partnership among George Mason University, Prince William County, and the City of Manassas. Research conducted at this laboratory includes, but is not limited to gait and running assessment for injury prevention, cardiovascular fitness, and body composition assessment. This facility also provides services to the community using evidence-based research and state-of-the art equipment.

Major Capital ItemsDescription
Run SMART Clinic System VICON Infrared Cameras 3-dimensional video biomechanical analyses of human movement in all activities including sports, running, waling, jumping, dancing
Research Grade Treadmills Examine running and gait patters, used for training and retraining after injury, rehabilitation
BodPod Measure Body Fat percentages. Most scientifically accurate method
Myopac EMG System Examines muscle activity using surface electrodes during physical activity and movement
Datapac Data Acquisition System Integrated Software system for surface muscle activity and forceplate data synchronization
Cosmed Telemetry Metabolic Cart Measure aerobic (VO2) capacity wirelessly during physical activity
Electrocardiogram (EKG) State of the art EKG hardware and software to analyze heart rhythm during resting, moderate and strenuous exercise

SmartLab equipment


SMART Lab at the Freedom Center 9100 Freedom Center Boulevard
Manassas, VA 20110 (703) 993-4714