Smart Lab

Are you training for a 5K, marathon, CrossFit, or just running and being active in general and want to increase your performance? Do you wish you could run or walk pain free? Is a knee, hip, ankle, or other injury holding you back?

Sign up to get tested on 3D Gait, the world's most advanced gait analysis system. 3D Gait is now available at the SMART Lab at George Mason University open to the public and the only location in the Washington, D.C. area.

3D Gait and its injury assessment protocol is based on years of biomechanical research from the University of Calgary research lab headed by Dr. Reed Ferber. All distance runners should consider a gait analysis, not only to make improvements but to prevent future injuries.

3D Gait is usually only available to high performance athletes and is several orders of magnitude more sophisticated and precise than what you'll find in stores. The 3D motion analysis at the heart of the system uses multiple cameras to digitally capture your walking and running biomechanics. Your data points are then compared to those in a large database of walking/running and clinical injury data from over 18 biomedical research labs around the world. That comparison yields a personalized biomechanics report, scientifically validated, that pinpoints areas of weakness or inflexibility that can be corrected.

The 3D Gait Analysis is also for individuals experiencing various lower extremity issues, such as arthritis, ACL injuries, or balance issues.

With data ranging from Olympic athletes to recreational athletes ages 18 to 80 years old, the system can analyze your results with others of the same gender, age, and skill level (comparing your biomechanics, for example, to another 34-year old female runner who is training for the Marine Corps Marathon). The analysis identifies weaknesses across the whole body and looks for the root cause of current problems.

SMART Lab's highly skilled research assistants will administer the assessment and will provide you with a composite score of your injury risk plus information on adjustments you can make to prevent injury, reduce pain, or improve performance.

Note: 3D Gait Analysis requires a health screening form and informed consent form.