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Welcome! This is the page where you can reserve a spot for a SMART Lab appointment. Click "Previous" or "Next" to get to the date you want and then click on "PW" (for "Prince William") to select an appointment time.  All appointments are offered at the SMART Lab located on the Science and Technology Campus of George Mason University at the Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center in Manassas, Virginia. For more information about the services available, payment information, and more, please go to, call 703-993-4714, or e-mail us at

Once you've reserved an appointment time, you'll receive a confirmation email from the SMART Lab. Payment for your service should then be made within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation email, but no later than 48 hours prior to your appointment. You will be able to pay for your service online with a credit card. If you are having difficulties making the payment, please call 703-993-4714, or e-mail us at

Note: The resting metabolic rate assessment is only available to be scheduled until 9 AM to satisfy test criteria and ensure accurate results.

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