Smart Lab

Prices and Packages

George Mason University's SMART Lab now offers performance and fitness testing services to the public. You'll have access to the latest clinical equipment and services, all offered at competitive prices in a university research setting.

Groups and teams as well as students, faculty, staff, FAFC Patrons, and military personnel qualify for reduced rates as described below. (The packages are a particularly good deal!)

Make an appointment today – contact us at, call 703-993-7784, or reserve a spot online.

Please make sure you read our policies here.

Individual Prices More Less
Regular FeeGMU StudentGMU Faculty/Staff,
Freedom Center Staff and Patrons, Military Personnel
3-D Gait Analysis $200 $100 $150 90 min
Bod Pod $75 $40 $50 30 min
VO2 Max Endurance Test $175 $75 $125 60 min
Resting Metabolic Rate $125 $95 $100 60 min
Packages More Less
Regular FeeGMU StudentGMU Faculty/Staff,
Freedom Center Staff and Patrons, Military Personnel
VO2 Max Endurance Test + Bod Pod $220 $100 $150 90 min
3-D Gait Analysis + Bod Pod $240 $120 $180 2 hours
3-D Gait Analysis + VO2 Max Endurance Test $330 $155 $245 2.5 hours
3-D Gait Analysis + VO2 Max Endurance Test + Bod Pod $400 $190 $300 3 hours
Resting Metabolic Rate + Bod Pod $180 $120 $135 90 min
“Track Your Progress” Discount More Less

Save 20%!

Looking for an accurate and motivating way to monitor your progress over time? Sign up for a "Track Your Progress" package and save!

Decide upfront which service(s) you want, and benefit from our assessments every 3 months for one-year period – total of 4 visits to the SMART Lab. The "Track Your Progress" package is especially helpful if you're just starting a new diet, training, or running program. We can also tailor the number of assessments that you want.

All your assessments will have a 20% discount. "Track Your Progress" packages must be pre-paid. “Track Your Progress” packages cannot be used with other promotions (e.g., group rates, etc.). A minimum of 4 visits is required for the 20% discount. If you choose 3 visits, the discount will be at 15%. No discounts for 2 visits.

Contact the SMART Lab at or call 703-993-7784 to purchase the package and schedule your appointments.

The "Track Your Progress" needs to be paid upfront, is non-refundable, and is valid for a maximum of 2 years. After this time your purchase will expire. For example, if you buy 4 visits for the BodPod on August 2015 the goal is that you use it within a year; however, the expiration date will be August 2017.

The Service is purchased in advance and is non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, or refunds for months unused. While we are flexible and want to assist you in achieving your goals, we appreciate your cooperation in respecting this policy. By placing an order for any of the Lab services from the SMART Lab, you indicate that you have read this policy and that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this policy.

Group and Team Discounts More Less

Gather your training class, exercise partners, or teammates together to receive special group discounts at the SMART Lab!

These special rates are available for groups as few as three people.

Appointments must be scheduled and paid for together. Contact the SMART Lab at or call 703-993-7784 for final pricing and to schedule your appointments.

Size of groupDiscount per person
3-5 people 10%
6-10 people 20%
More than 10 people please call for discount
Reduced Rates for Students, Faculty, Staff, FAFC Patrons, and Military Personnel More Less

Student discounts are available to currently enrolled full- or part-time students at George Mason University with proof of enrollment - a PDF copy of your Patriot Web schedule of the current semester, as well as the degree/program enrolled in. When in case of doubt the SMART Lab reserves the right to contact the Office of Registrar to confirm enrollment.

Faculty and staff discounts are available to George Mason University faculty, staff, and their immediate family members (spouse and children) and to Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center staff and their immediate family members (spouse and children).

Military personnel will need to demonstrate proof of being in the military.

Discounts are not cumulative. For example, if you have a group of three people and want to do track your progress, you will have to choose which discount you prefer.