The SMART Laboratories are three state-of-the art facilities where faculty and students from the Exercise, Fitness, and Health Promotion (EFHP), Athletic Training Education (ATEP), and Kinesiology (KINE) Programs conduct evidence-based research in the areas of injury prevention, lower extremity neuromechanical assessment, traumatic brain injury (TBI) concussions, youth sport, and sports performance.

George Mason Professors Pioneer New Way to Study Concussions

The third floor of Bull Run Hall on George Mason University's Prince William campus plays host to plenty of mind-bending science projects - laser capture microdissection, protein electronics and high-resolution mass spectrometry are just a few of the technologies awaiting professors and students in the laboratory.

Yet the most complex and potentially influential findings to emerge from the school's College of Science might come down to this: a kid spitting in a cup after football practice.


SMART Lab Concussion Research Aids Local Youth Sports

This fall the Jets football team will wear helmets with sensors that monitor the force of impacts sustained throughout games and practices while also submitting saliva samples for potential bio-marker research relating to concussions. But these Jets are not professioinal NFL athletes. They play in the Central Loudoun Youth Football League. Today concussions are discussed far more frequently in the sports world due largely to recent rule changes in teh NFL designed to increase player safety.


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